#25 SOS Kraft Paper Bag - 5kg weight capacity Self Opening Satchel

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Size: #25 355mm Wide 540mm High 165mm Gusset Carton of 100

Discover the amazing value of our FSC™ certified Kraft SOS bags! Each bag features a durable, sustainable design without handles, perfect for packing delicious breads, bakery items, and takeout meals. With the ability to hold up to 5kg, these bags are also eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, and compostable. Choose from seven sizes and two vibrant colors (brown and white) to meet all your packaging needs with ease.

Carton quantity: 100

Units per sleeve: 100

Sleeves per carton: 1

Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 56x37x12

Home Compostable: Suitable for Composting

Manufactured: China

Lining/coating: None

Carton gross weight (kg):7