BioPak 30ml Sauce BioCup Lid

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SKU: GL-46
Items per Carton: 3000

Our PET clear lids are leak proof and able to handle warm food but are not microwave or oven safe. This lid fits our 30ml PLA (SKU: U30Y) sauce cups, it does not fit our clear 60ml PLA bioplastic sauce cup.

Product Specifications:

Carton quantity: 3000  Sleeves per carton: 30
Units per sleeve: 100  Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 50.0 x 32.0 x 20.0
Carton gross weight (kg): 2.8  Carton barcode: 19344062048784
Raw Material: Bioplastic - Ingeo™ CPLA 
Dimensions base LxW (mm): 49x49  Product Depth: 6.0
Thickness: N/A  Use: Cold use only
Manufactured: China 
Environmental production certified: ISO 14001
Quality product certified: ISO 9001
Factory food safety certified: ISO 22000
Corporate social accreditation: BSCI
Home compostable: No
Industrially compostable: Certified to AS4376 Australian Standards
Recyclable: No