BioPak 16cm individually wrapped disposable wooden Knife, Fork & Napkin Set

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Items per Carton: 400

Our wooden cutlery range is SUP (single use plastic) ban approved. This product is available in cartons of 400. Our beautifully crafted birch wood disposable cutlery is a stylish, affordable, Eco-friendly cutlery choice for your food truck, restaurant, are an excellent solution to takeaway food delivery, school cafeteria's, university campuses, coffee shops, resorts or your next catering event including weddings and fetes.

Made from sustainably sourced and FSC certified Birch wood, they will biodegrade and will not pollute or damage the environment and are compostable in a home compost, a great alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. Our coated range is coated with a food safe, non-toxic, compostable plant-based carnauba wax.

*         Product dimensions: 203 x 73mm
*         Pieces per carton: 400
*         Pieces per sleeve: 100
*         Carton dimensions: 48 x 22 x 30.5cm
*         Carton total weight: 4.5kg
*         Manufactured: China