PET Straw Free Sipper Lid (Fits 14-24oz)

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Items per Carton: 1000
Size: 98mm
  • Available in Cartons of 1000
  • Suitable for our Greenmark Brand 98mm cups.  our PET Straw-free lid, is an excellent option and opportunity to go straw FREE 
  • PET can be 100% recycled. Clear and highly transparent.
  • Perfect for cold food, such as cold drinks,milkshake,yoghurt, smoothies, thick shakes, slushies.
  • The maximum temperature is 60°C.
  • Also flat X-Slot lid (FL98PET)/flat No Hole lid (FL98PETNH) /dome No Hole lid (DL98)/Die-Cut Hole lid (DL98H)/dome large Hole lid (DL98LH) are available. X-slot design that allows for easy insertion and use of a straw.