16oz / 480ml U shaped PET cup

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SKU: PETU16-95
Items per Carton: 1000
Size: 16oz/480ml

Experience the convenience and quality of our 16oz / 480ml U shaped PET cups, now available in cartons of 1000 (20x50 sleeves). These cups are perfect for cold food, including cold drinks, yogurt, wine, smoothies, thick shakes, and slushies. The clear and highly transparent material showcases your food and drinks beautifully. Plus, PET is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Please note, these cups are not suitable for use in a microwave or oven and are not recommended for long-term refrigeration. However, with a maximum temperature of 60°C, they're perfect for most cold food options. Choose from various sizes and complete your order with either a flat or dome PET lid or a PET inset (5oz, PETI*5-95). Upgrade the way you serve and enjoy your cold food with our U shaped PET cups.

This cup is banned in WA, without a lid (cups are allowed for sale with a lid, only to serve food till September 24