*8oz(90mm) PLA coated Single Wall Cup /one-lid-fits-all

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Items per Carton: 1000
Size: 90x57x85mm

8oz Single wall Cup-To-Grow. Plain White. This cup has a wider top to fit same lid as 12 and 16oz. Use same lid* fits all the sizes, reduce your inventory! *lids are sold separetely. One of the great benefits of the Cup-To-Grow is that it offers a sustainable alternative to traditional take-away paper cups yet maintaining the level of convenience offered by disposable packaging. Unlike traditional paper cups that use a petroleum-based plastic lining, Cups-To-Grow are lined with a bioplastic lining PLA (poly-lactic-acid) harvested from corn starch, natural annually renewable resource. To offer the complete sustainable takeaway coffee solution we replaced plastic lids with 100% PLA lids*. *lids are sold separetely. Now these both biodegradable cup components can be composted. The production of PLA produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional plastic production. Choosing these cups is a big step towards sustainable food service regardless of whether you are a small cafe, restaurant, office or large corporation looking to minimise your carbon footprint. All Cups-To-Grow are lined with Ingeo PLA ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ certified compostable material.