Eco-friendly takeaway packaging

Why Eco Friendly disposable food packaging is a must have for your business

Whilst sitting down with a good coffee and stimulating magazine is sometimes the best way to experience a brilliant café, not everyone has the time for that!  Increasingly, customers are looking for convenience, not comfort. Takeaway is fast taking over as the preferred method of consumption whether that be coffee, cake, or a wholesome salad.

That's why you need to ensure that not only do you have takeaway containers at the ready, but that your containers and disposable food packaging supplies are up to scratch for the demands of the modern consumer.

Customers are more switched on to the plight of Eco-friendly packaging than ever before, they now know that plastic does the planet no favours, and want their food to stay healthy and nutritious from the kitchen to their mouth.

What they may not be aware of though, is the impact plastic takeaway containers have on food and drinks. Nasty micro plastics leech into the food, undoing all the good stuff that has been  done to ensure your food is as healthy as possible.

Luckily, there are alternatives to plastic containers that don't take hundreds of years to break down in our waterways. And they won't break the bank either!

We believe that when it comes to food, it is best to marry health with packaging. That's why sugarcane takeaway containers are so popular. Unlike plastic, sugarcane is a bi-product of sugarcane manufacturing, and is made entirely from the plant, so it will not leech toxins into your healthy, well-prepared food.

Better yet, sugarcane is 100% bio-degradable, meaning you can be confident that your establishment is not contributing to the massive problem of pollution the planet is facing.

If sugarcane isn't your speed, there's also bamboo and kraft containers that are sure to do the trick too.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's healthy, Eco-friendly, and good for your food and your customers.

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