Running a business is always a challenge. It demands all you’ve got down to your last drop of sweat. Add a year like 2020 on top of that and the pressure can become just too much.

In a way, running a business is like fighting the waves when entering an angry sea. When you think you had just left that killer wave behind you, feeling proud of how skillfully you dodged it, a new wave sneaks up on you and throws you back to the shore - but you step back up and walk into the ocean, ready to face the next wave, and then the one after that.

This can be exhausting, we know that. That is why we want to share some ideas and insights that may help you get through that surf.


1.Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Sitting in a chair on the beach, drinking a Mojito, safe from the waves, sounds like the best option, however, merely living inside your comfort zone is denying yourself and your business the opportunity to grow.

One common misconception about life is that it should be trouble-free. However, to expect life to be predictable and comfortable is a one-way ticket to frustration. The only way out of this is through reviewing this belief.

Look around you. You will find enough evidence that life  does not come free of troubles. In fact, it is quite the opposite - and this is especially true in business.

When you embrace uncertainty, you will discover new strengths at every new challenge. After a while, you will start feeling confident and you will see the value in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. You will rejoice in the unknown instead of running away from it. 

After abandoning the belief that problems should not be part of your life, you will be ready to change your approach.

 2.Challenges, not problems.

Did your supplier stop delivering your much-needed goods? Have you lost contact with your customers' needs? Are costs growing and income diminishing fast?

These problems can paralyse you. Alternatively, you can see them as opportunities to discover new ways to run your business.

After long periods of stability, our flexibility deteriorates. It then becomes harder and harder to adapt - and losing that false sense of security, which we thought would last forever can really throw us off our game.

It is a painful and tough process, when you are pushed outside of your known, you are forced to learn and adapt. It is in this process where the best ideas come to fruition.

If you plunge towards problems, viewing them as opportunities to learn something new, to adapt, and to find innovative solutions, you will be half-way there.


3.Adopt a resilient mindset.

Success is not assured, but you can give yourself a better chance if you adopt a resilient mindset.

We do not have control over most of the things we like to believe we do. However, we can control how we react to what happens, giving us the freedom to adapt and change in order to accomplish our goals.

When you embrace uncertainty and have a resilient mindset, you can move forward with confidence. You will be reassured by knowing that you have already got what it takes to see it through.

After each passing wave knocks you down, and after each time you step back up, you will become smarter, stronger, and prouder of yourself and your journey. Learn to embrace problems and not back away!


Good luck with your enterprise!


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