PLA Coated Kraft Salad Bowl 42oz

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PLA Coated Kraft Salad Bowl 42oz, perfect for large sized servings of pasta, rice, salads, stir fry???s and even soups.

Suitable for hot and cold food. Food safe.

Made from all-natural paper material with a bioplastic coat, which enables these takeaway containers to be biodegradable and compostable - at industrial composting facility only

Variety of PP and PET flat and raised lids are offered ??? provides flexibility if you wish to store hot/cold foods and allows either more room for food or a flat top finish.

These PLA salad bowls stand out with their rich brown natural colour. They are strong, sturdy, durable, and efficient as they provide a uniqueness like no other bowl; they can cater to all cold foods AND hot foods ??? even soups.

Also available in various shapes and sizes - you are sure to find the best match for your food.