PLA Coated White Rectangular Paper Container 750 ml

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Size: Carton of 300
This 300-pack of rectangular containers is perfect for hot or cold dishes. Not suitable for microwave or oven use, and not designed for long-term refrigeration. The paper containers are lined with PLA coating, which creates a waterproof and oil-resistant barrier for freshness. Use them to store a wide range of dishes, like soup, porridge, noodles, yogurt, and more. Offered in white/kraft and a variety of sizes, plus top lids that come in PLA Coated/PP Coated/PP/PET/CPLA. Eco-friendly and food-safe.
Items per carton - 300
Colour - White
Size - 750ml 172*120+150*98+57mm
Brand - Greenmark
Lining - PLA BioPlastic compostable lining